Azurite, Milpillas Mine, Sonora, Mexico
description: 3" tall This wonderful crystal from what may be the world's best azurite locality is elite for the following reasons: (a) The luster is as high as polished glass. (b) Almost all of the edges and vertices are in perfect condition. There is a tiny chip on the back of the specimen at the point where a crystal surface attaches to the white matrix. (c) The crystal shape is desirable and characteristic of the locality. (d) The dark blue crystal displays neon blue glints. (e) The size is desirable. I have heard reports that the Milpillas Mine produced crystals up to 7" long. I am yet to see anything even approaching this size. (f) Some matrix is attached. The back of the specimen does not have a broken appearance about it so the crystal down not have the appearance of having ever been "hacked" off a pocket wall with a hammer and chisel. It is a beautiful piece and an elite example of this highly appreciated species.
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