Kammarerite, Kop Krom Mine, Erzerum, Turkey
description: 2 1/8" ac. Ex Marc Weill collection. I acquired it from Stuart Wilensky at the Denver Show in 2009. Illustrated in "The Marc P Weill" collection supplement of "The Mineralogical Record." Clinochlore is very rarely found at Erzerum, Turkey. It is deep, "electric" purple as a result of its chromium content. This is the best matrix specimen of this great rarity that I have ever seen. Dr Peter Bancroft also included the Erzerum locality as one of the world's greatest gem, mineral and crystal localities when he wrote "Gem and Crystal Treasures" in the 1980's. Although many localities in the "top 100" would be easily deleted from a modernized second edition of this classic book, Erzerum is a locality that is yet to be matched or surpassed anywhere else on earth so may still be considered as one of the top 100 mineral localities of the world. Chromium clinochlore is another of the popular collector minerals that has also really withstood the test of time well. It is unlikely more will be unearthed anywhere else on the planet.
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