Azurite, Tsumeb, Namibia
description: 3" tall This piece is an absolute jewel. Although the largest crystal on this piece is no longer than 1", it is an elite azurite (even when compared with great specimens of azurite from Milpillas) for the following reasons: (a) All of the azurite crystals on this piece are pristine. There is not even the tiniest amount of damage on any of the edges, vertices or faces of any the crystals. (b) The luster of all of the crystals is as high as polished glass. (c) The color is appealing. "Neon blue" glints can be seen around the crystal edges and on the surfaces. (d) The azurite crystals contrast nicely with the matrix in terms of both color (dark blue azurite crystals on a pinkish matrix) and luster (glassy azurite crystals on an earthy matrix). (e) The crystal to matrix ratio of this piece is desirable since the matrix is in pleasing proportion to the azurite crystals that are perched on it. (f) The composition of this piece is also pleasing since the dominant azurite crystal sits atop of the matrix. (g) The piece is also in a size range that is preferred by most private collectors.
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