Hematite, N'Chwaning mine, Kuruman, RSA
description: 3 1/4" ac. This piece is a wonderful pristine group of hematite crystals perched on the edge of a thin andradite rich rock matrix. Its perfection and general esthetics set it apart from almost all specimens of South African hematite that I have encountered. The hematite is so reflective that it blinded the digital camera that I used to photograph it with. In an attempt to overcome this problem, I took this photo of the piece under less intense light. Hence, this picture is somewhat underexposed. Of the many specimens of hematite from Kuruman that I have handled since late 1997, this one is my favorite and that is why I have kept it as part of my collection. Although hematite is a common mineral and occurs at hundreds of localities worldwide (including Australia - at Arkaroola, South Australia and at iron mines in the Pilbarra region in Western Australia), Kuruman is considered to be one of the world's top localities for this species. This specimen illustrates why. My collection is also focused on southern African mineral specimens and I have visited Africa nine times since 1997 to buy them. I would like to hear from any collector anywhere in the world who has fine pieces from any southern African locality for trade or sale.
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