Halite & gypsum
description: US$2000 LOCALITY: Bleicherode, Nordhausen, Germany 3" across I traded this German halite specimen from Cal Graeber in November 2013. It is the first halite specimen that I have went out of my way to acquire. It consist of a gemmy halite cube with sharp edges and corners and moderately lustrous faces. The halite crystal precipitated on the termination of a gypsum crystal which contains brown mud inclusions. This fine combination specimen is very esthetic and it will be stable providing it is kept dry. Many other mineral species (including gypsum and fluorite) will show evidence of eye visible instability if exposed to relatively small volumes of water temperatures under 50 degrees centigrade. I am now consider acquiring fine specimens of halite from other important halite localities. These include pale pink clusters of halite crystals with hopper faces from Searles Lake of California, the pretty blue halite crystals from the Carlsbad potash district of New Mexico and the classic giant halite crystals on matrix from the Wieliczka Mine of Poland.
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