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Snow White Mineral Specimens
One of America's most successful retailers in upscale mineral specimens cautioned me about buying white mineral specimens since he had often found white minerals more problematic to sell than colorful minerals. Since it is only natural to be more attracted to a colored mineral than a colorless one, this personal observation related by my friend should not have surprised me. Despite this caution, there are some types of white mineral specimens that I particularly like. These include: (a) Reticulated cerussite from Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, (b) "Ice-white" cerussite prisms from the Kombat Mine, Namibia; like the famous piece in the collection of "The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences", (c) Complete and undamaged hemispheres of scolecite, mesolite and natrolite crystals from the Mumbai area. I also find my inexpensive Bolton gypsum appealing. Although it is very pretty and sparkly, it is worth no more than US$1500.

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