Topaz, Northern Areas, Pakistan
description: 3 1/4" tall This loose crystal is a wonderful one for the following reasons: (a) It is as lustrous as polished glass. (b) All of the crystal is facet quality. (c) The color is pleasing although some crystals from this locality are more deeply colored. (d) The morphology of the crystal is interesting. One termination is present. It is complex and resembles a faceted jewel and is not the more widely recognized "chisel shape." Unusual crystal habits are also highly desirable. (e) The crystal is elongated along the c-axis compared with other topaz crystals from this locality. (f) All of the vertices are in perfect condition. There is very minor chipping on some of the edges although I have not seen any crystals of this size, internal quality, color and morphology which are free of this chipping which is so limited it is not evident in the photo. (g) It is better than literally thousands of other Pakistani topaz crystals that I have seen offered for sale all over the world.
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