description: <p style="text-align: justify;">LOCALITY: Bishop Mine, Lynch Station, Campbell County, Virginia, United States <br /><br />The caption that appeared on Robert Lavinsky's popular www.irocks.com website appears above. Robert Lavinsky and I both love great rarities and when I had the opportunity to acquire this piece, I just had to acquire it. It is the best specimen of crystallized turquoise that I know of. The words at the conclusion of the www.irocks.com caption are also somewhat prophetic - "The color and the novelty of it in any USA or copper mineral collection makes this appeal to a large number of collectors beyond our borders though, I would think . . . ". <br /><br />Although I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, I would LOVE to build a high quality and comprehensive collection of American mineral specimens. Although it may be years before I can afford to own a large gem benitoite crystal, a large Sweet Home rhodochrosite or a cluster of azurite stalactites from Bisbee, I can still buy well priced novelties like this one. I also appreciate high quality examples of any esthetic type of American mineral specimen that many American collectors seem to under-rate. <br /><br />Interestingly, crystallized turquoise also occurred at The Iron Knob Mine, near Iron Monarch, South Australia (state). The South Australian crystallized turquoise specimens that I have owned were only micromounts. I bought and resold them during the late 1980's. Crystallized turquoise also occurred as microcrystals at the Mount Oxide Mine in the Mount Isa - Cloncurry region of Queensland, Australia. The Queensland microcrystals of turquoise occurred with crystallized variscite, sieleckiite and libethenite.</p>
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